Blue Swish Resin Tint

You can add artwork to your surfboard in many different ways . From traditional foam sprays , full board prints and of course Resin Tints or resin art .

Every surfer is different and customizing the artwork is an important part of ordering a custom surfboard. At Formula Energy one of our favourite parts of the day is doing Resin Tints. Adding the colour to the resin is not done on a whim , its like being a mad professor , measuring and mixing different colours , pigments and tints into the resin .

Blue Swish Resin Tint 

Sometimes you nail the application and colour scheme and sometimes you don't but its always done in good spirit and with a bit of creative flair . Every time you do a resin tint you are creating a functional piece of artwork that is as individual as you are  !

The above "Blue Swish" we love it ... 


May 29, 2017

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Blue Purple Haze

Blue Purple and White Resin Tint combination , moving away from the "swirls" of most resin tints we did a more straight lines effect on this board.

With the resin tint designs each artwork is unique and customised , by choosing three different colours then with a special process of applying the colour with different techniques you can achieve all sorts of of "looks".

If you want a unique look to your surfboard resin work is the way to go . As every board comes out different by mixing different colours and altering the applications whether it be "swirls" or straight lines or combination of both . 

May 22, 2017

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New Resin Art

New Resin Tint artwork, using a combination of black base with grey and white tints highlights to get the effect of a charcoal denim look. 


Formula Energy Resin Tint Artwork

Below is close up of the  Black Denim , which is really hard to capture in an image on the computer screen but up close and "live" looks amazing with a real depth of colour. If you are  looking for something unique on your next surfboard then resin tint artwork is the way to go .

 Check out all our Resin work here , and some of the latest editions here 

Resin Art

We love having a little creative freedom with the artwork on your custom surfboard. Artwork and design is such a subjective thing . What one person digs , some others may not .

Formula Energy Surfboard

With the Resin Tints / Artwork we do our best to replicate as you see it on the computer screen or surfboard. But reality is it always comes out a little different .

Which we think is cool as , it makes ever surfboard a truly individual unique functioning piece of artwork .

From designing stage of the file to shaping the blank , laminating ,adding fins boxes then sanding , then to final finish coats . Many hands touch a surfboard , in that respect it truly is a hand made product .

Above : Spirit Resin Tint on a DCD Low Flyer 

Puffer Resin Tint

We sometimes go a little wild with colours , check out this all new Puffer Resin Tint , combination of red and blues and a wild imagination .

Hand created in house at Formula Energy .

Have you got an idea or colour scheme that you would like to talk about on your next surfboard  ?

Well contact us or check out the RESIN TINT ART PAGE ... for inspiration !

New Flouro Resin Tint

New fluorescent pigments have arrived, and if you are interested in colour on your new board , now is the time to hit us up while we have theses fresh new batch of colours available.

Used for resin tints we can combine certain colours to give an amazing vibrant design which is totally unique to each board . 

Here is an example on the Savage model .This is purple marble effect combined with a black tail dip. 

The new colours are more vibrant ,some florescent , we even have a chameleon color coming ! 

More designs here. Want a unique custom contact us !

Pink Bits

We would like to show you our PINK BITS !

Another new RESIN TINT tail dip option available .

"Pink Bits Tail Dip Resin Tint".

Available deck or bottom or both , click on the link above for more information !

Board : Premium Savage model 5'10 ...

Savage Impression

Premium Savage model bound for the Northern Sumatra , Indonesia . 

5'10 by 18 3/4 by 2 1/4, (24.50 litres) .Built for surfer around 65 to 70kg, Performance all rounder for the trip of a lifetime 

Fin set up is Futures Five fin for versatility , bottom contours are single into double and the rails are mid to low for good waves . 


A little fin advice can go along way,we recommend experimenting with all types of sizes and templates.  Some good Fins for this model for the lightweight are

 the Scarfinini FX1 in quads or thruster with plenty of hold and drive .

Need some help with your fins, well contact us for some solid advice. 


Purple Marble And Black Resin Tint

New Resin Tint from the depths of our imagination and artistic flair, each one is a hand made unique piece of art available on your new surfboard . 

Check out the full range of resin tint art here...

If you have your own idea or would like us to create something totally unique , contact us and we can collaborate whether its a resin tint , foam spray or full board decal. The options are endless and only limited by your imagination .