Life Is All About Options

Surfboard design has changed in last decade at a dramatic rate . Its all about widths, thickness and volume / litres.

Not so long along everyone was trying to ride high rocker low volume , narrower boards ! Thankfully that era ended and looks like its dead in the water , "literally" .

Life is all about options . Now any surfboard shaper that claims to have one board that will cover your whole quiver is telling a few "porky pies" (lies).

We can't expect one board to cover all types of waves but we can have boards that are designed to be ridden as quads , thrusters , twins and singles to a degree. Twins and Singles can get tricky as certain proven design aspects limit  fin positions .

The Option is our answer to wanting the speed and glide of  Malibu but not a 9ft plus log jammed in the back of the car . Its a MICRO MAL.

At first we wanted to keep it close to a Malibu and produced it only with a single fin box but of late the Twin thing is just to hard to ignore and to much fun not to incorporate !

The Option you ride shorter than your standard short board ? If you still own one ! Shorter ,wider and thicker . The narrower tail pod allows you to stand right over the Single fin box and control and turn the board with ease . The for added glide and speed mix it up with your favourite pair of twins . The bottom shape is Single into double concave with a soft rolled V. It works with either set up .

The Rocker overall is pretty flat as you can see with plenty of foam for gliding and cruising with pizazz ! Like we said its like a "Malibu" without all the hassle  , it fits in back of your car with ease !

We have one Stock board available in the Option Model , its 5'8 by 20 1/4 by 2 1/2 (32 litres) . You can buy online right now for immediate delivery .