Lot Of Love

Lot of love went into  this surfboard for Tomas its a  USC Hi Performance model

On the bottom is a Resin Tint design called , Three Way Grey Light Blue Charcoal Resin Tint .
Featuring,cleaner deck lines, improved rocker, more forgiving rails and overall a much better, way improved surfboard, all designed for easier rail to rail transitions, and noted quickness coming back out of turns, tail shape "Squash Tail".


Formula Energy Surfboard

The Squash Tail design is the most common tail shape you see on modern performance surfboards . 

Talking tail shape can become a little confusing but here is a simple way of understanding some basic ideas. 

Think of a more angular tail as creating more angular, square turns ,like a square tail. A rounder tail will create more elliptical, smoother turns, for example a rounded pin tail.

Take the Squash Tail, a square tail that has been rounded off !

Its Very responsive, the squash tail design provides all the surface and planing area of a round tail, contributing to speed and lift and helping to maintain speed in slower spots.

The rounded corners provide a bit more bite and control than the round tail, and the square end allows the board to release. The corners allow for more pivotal, abrupt turns off the bottom or on the face, but will provide less release off the top. This tail design relies on the thruster, tri-fin setup to maintain control. The squash is the most popular tail for a short-board.