Mentawais Surf Tax

Our good mate Harry updated the quiver and headed over to the Mentawais in early August . Trying to get in before the all new Mentawai Surf Tax takes effect . Yes SURF TAX, you can read all about this new tax here at Surfline website.  But basically every visiting surfer will pay from $76 US upwards to surf the Mentawais Region , depending on the length of your stay . Hit the link above or go to the Jakarta Post for the original  breaking story .

Staying near playgrounds area at the Mentawai Surf Retreat  ,he managed to score a variety of waves from fun little setups like Pit Stops

Where he rode his USC TP1 model, perfect for those smaller days in tropics.

Then when conditions turned on he headed round the corner to a much intense set up called Bank Vaults . Its a fast , shallow barreling wave with a heavy inside section .


Formula Energy surfer Mike Harris Harry

This type of wave Harry jumped on his USC Hi Performance model . Locked and loaded and looking for some travel time !