Touch Of Blue

Touch of blue on this Premium Adapt , we now have blue decals as well as the normal black and white available . You can choose black , white or blue !

Custom made for a local lad JF , he rode his first Adapt so much ,it basically became his go to before work board !  He has backed up and ordered another one . We changed the dimensions slighter longer and few other minor adjustments with width and thickness etc.

This one is 5'10 by 20 1/4 by 2 5/8 (33.15 litres) . This is a really good addition if you are looking for a small wave board with plenty of drive and speed in smaller weaker waves and want to stay closer to riding a pointy nose board !

Its essentially the pointy nose "fish" you ride when you don't want to ride a "fish" .

I also made a short video on the key features of this model . Click here to check it out