MLB Swallow

Its cool when surfers place an order for board that is a "keeper" . Art on the deck and bottom can really add to a boards longevity if its looked after . I have had some boards last ten years with this set up.

This is a custom MLB (Mid Length Beak) for  Akmal who is based over in South East Asia and wanted a board for short period wind swells he gets down at his local .  

Akmil wanted something with plenty of float , dimensions are 7'6 by 22 by 3 1/8 its a big board at 55.98 litres.

Artwork is Flower of Life print on the deck in Maroon ,White and Black . Coloured matched Maroon foam spray on the bottom with black stringer .

The MLB has plenty of foam up front . A soft "exaggerated" beak  compliments over 5 inches of nose rocker on this 7'6 into a fuller style deck line then tapering down to foiled out mid section with an "almost feel"  50/50 rail tuck and a nice amount of tail rocker around 2 1/2 inches .

If you are interested in a more detailed look then at this boards profile check out the 3d render for more detailed look of our super popular Mid Length Surfboards to get more of an idea of the overall outline, rocker and foil etc. 

If you are considering a custom order we can actually provide you with a custom 3D render via email link , contact us for more information on how that works .

Normally I do the MLB in a Rounded Pin Tail Twin fin set up or a two plus one . Which gives the option to ride a straight twin (preferred) or add a small rear fin .We customised this into a swallow tail with a Quad set up .

This style of  fin cluster set up / position , lends itself to riding some larger front fins with some small trailers quads .

Always a good feeling when you pack and send a board across the globe and it arrives safely ! Akmal is stoked by the looks of things ! He just needs some waves.