Lets Go

Who has been missing a good old surf trip ? A Boat trip with a few mates and few good boards somewhere in Indonesia is often the highlight of any surfers year ! Looks like 2022 Aussies may be able to do this again.

Well if you are pumped for when the borders open up, and travel restrictions relax here is one magic sticks to keep in mind, to add to ultimate quiver on your next dream surf trip!

The Have,

 This board is one of the most well researched and developed models, not to mention travelled ! It started out life as an alternate for lugging around a real big board. You can read about that here in more detail but here are the key features.

Wide point is forward for lots of paddle power, but narrower tail width to still work in the pocket.

Rocker is flatter under the front foot, for lots of drive but still has nose lift and a nice balanced curve through the tail, to keep hold and control in steeper more critical waves.

Bottom shape, light double concave into soft V

Fin Set up is a five fin , ride as thruster or quad

Tail shape is rounded pin, which gives lots hold and drive but still will allow manoeuvrability in larger waves.

Order your custom have here or check out whats in stock here