Built To Perform

USC Hi Performance custom for Tomas.

Dimensions are 6'2 by 20 by 2 3/4 

Litres: 34

Artwork is an "in-house" design , special Resin Tint called "Three Way Grey Light Blue Charcoal Resin Tint".

The artwork is deck and bottom .

Looks epic framed in the parabolic carbon rails. 

This model is for good to excellent wave conditions. Will go in marginal conditions but designed to come alive and push your surfing when it turns on !

With the introduction of cleaner deck lines, improved rocker,more forgiving rails and overall a much better, way improved surfboard, all designed for easier rail to rail transitions, and noted quickness coming back out of turns.

With instant speed (single to double concave bottom) from combining a far more accurately made board with the USC Technology .