Hemp Decks

Above is the  Hemp cloth inlay on the deck , providing durability from a cool looking sustainable material that replaces  another layer of traditional fibreglass cloth .

Hemp material is one of the strongest natural fibres on the earth .

Previously  its been associated with heavy brown coloured low performance type surfboards . Good idea but to sluggish to ride and look a tad ugly .

But by combining the hemp/pet material with modern laminating techniques  and using the performance based parabolic carbon rails of the USC range  , you get a cool looking surfboard that not only will look better long term , with a more durable deck, with less foot wells and indentations, depressions and its totally UV protected from the Sun !

Without compromising any performance characteristics of modern performance surfboard. 

This custom USC Alien is 6'2 by 20 by 2 9 /16 , 33 litres .