FCS vs Futures Bases

FCS or Futures , Which system is best ? Both systems including the new FCS 2 have there pros and cons. 

All the fin systems work great  and removeable fins add so many benefits for travelling surfer and altering the performance of your surfboards with different fin sizes , templates etc .

 It really is up to the surfer to find out what works best for them...

FCS original dual tab system are more readily available worldwide , so if you are a travelling surfer then FCS may suit. If you hit or damage the fin the original FCS tend to cause minor damage to the surfboard.

The FCS 2 with a re-designed dual tab is the latest design  (pictured above) , with no grub screw required . The fins just simply click in and out .

And of course Futures have been around for a while and are a proven quality product with a good range of fins.

The Futures has a single base , which has two advantages, the first being there is more fin connected to the surfboard, that results in less flex through the base of the fin, this mimics the feel of a glassed on fin and is very strong and hard to break at the base.The solid connection to the base of the surfboard gives a more responsive feel, but if they are smashed out they tend to take half the surfboard rail with them and are hard to repair. 


 Try both see if you can feel the difference !