Red Dragon Custom

Custom USC Alien , dimensions are 6'4 by 20 1/2 by 2 3/4 , 36 litres.

This board is made for Pierce who requested  a good all round board that suits the type of waves he surfs around his local breaks, he also asked if we could tweak the Fibonacci Dragon print by adding red highlights . We customised it and its come out really vibrant , looks super cool in the flesh!

This artwork is now added to the collection and we call it RED DRAGON ..

This USC Alien is on the way to Guam.  Guam is an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean , south of Japanese island chain of Okinawa. The region has some interesting history and culture .

If you like exploring possible new surf sports using Google  maps , than this area will blow your mind . The set ups are endless , with coral reefs and atolls surrounding most of the islands in the region ...

Pierce told us , he lives in a very special part of the world and we have to agree !