Convert Me


USC Convert custom with a Light Grey Foam Spray . Dimensions are 5'6 by 19 1/2 by 2 1/4 . Litres are 25.60 litres .

Small wave speed machine , ride as a quad which gives incredible speed , drive and hold.  

Or mix it with a thruster set up , and get more release and pivot out of your turns . 

This is the model that gets you psyched for small gutless waves ! Whilst your mates are umming and arghing in the car park on surfing or not , when the waves are looking pretty dire . You will be straight out there on the Convert , flowing over dead sections with speed to burn with this pointy nose model cleverly disguising plenty foam throughout the plan shape , low entry rocker with little tail kick and double flyer squash , means you will be "bleeding off" speed whilst other surfers are bogging and bouncing through flat sections, or 'hey' probably not even out there !