Thats Gold

 If you want something unique then we can deliver . This is the ultimate "bling" surfboard 

This is a Golden Fuzz Nutz custom Gold Resin Tint !

The image on a computer screen does not do it justice ! In real life this surfboard looks amazing .

The whole process was really involving to get a true metallic gold finish mixing various gold pigments to the resin and adding glitter coat we were able to make this board shimmer like "gold" !

Resin Tints do take a little longer and require experienced laminators but the benefits are you get a true work of art !

 Wall-hanger quality that has to be surfed ! Lauded by others as you strut down the beach with a bit of surfboard bling under your arm !


USC Fuzz Nutz Golden

Dimension are 5'7 by 19 3/4 by 2 3/8 , 28.33 litres.

The Fuzz Nutz has a traditional Quad fin set up , based of old school theories .

It is an extremely fast board , with lots of drive which will deliver you into sections with speed to burn . you should Ride it little shorter and little wider than your normal performance surfboard .

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