Custom Demon

Custom Demon, which is a small wave fun board that carries a lot of volume in the nose area and flatter deck line for stability allowing you to create a lot of speed and forward drive .

This custom is a stringer-less EPS Blank, glassed with epoxy resins ,its super lightweight , which works well with this style of board . Carbon centre strips on the deck and bottom and also a carbon tail stomp pads or "tail skirt".

Dimensions are 5'8 by 20 by 2 5/8 35 Litres and is made for surfer 87kg .

Fin cluster is Quad Futures set up, so the bottom shape is a slight single concave under the front foot into an every so slight rolled V. 

This Board also is available as a Twin or Two Plus one and a Thruster ! Watch the video below to learn more about the Demon by Formula Energy .