Unique Have

Here is custom USC Have for a surfer based in Hawaii .

Formula Energy Surfboard Have

Dimensions on this are 6'5 by 20 by 2 7/16th 33 litres.

The Have is a board that a lot of thought has gone into.Inspired by the Single Fin Era the outline/design with wide point up front. Giving plenty of paddle power and an incredible versatility in many type of waves. Essentially made for bigger surf ,longer paddles and people who enjoy "heavy water" ,and look forward to bigger waves.

Above the details in the high quality parabolic carbon rails and our new logo .

For sure we agree that the traditional step up gun is proven in solid surf but sometimes you need a paddle friendly board to get you to that offshore reef , which may be a twenty minute "paddle" and tad more foam up front would be super handy .

Sometimes , well in fact most of the time,carting around a 10'6 is just not an option , this board is short but suitable for bigger surf or challenging conditions where you need more foam whether it be just paddling into the waves , lot of wind up the face or a lot of water moving about , when getting to the right take off spot and staying there is hard work.