Have Stock Board

We have one USC Have Stock board 

You can check it out here and all the other surfboards in stock, CLICK HERE

The Have is a board that a lot of thought has gone into. Up the wave count with this board, plenty of foam forward. Allowing you to glide into waves.

Inspired by the Single Fin Era the outline/design with wide point up front. Giving plenty of paddle power and an incredible versatility in many type of waves. Essentially made for bigger surf ,longer paddles and people who enjoy "heavy water" ,and look forward to bigger waves or just cruising on open face style waves !

Rocker is flatter under the front foot, for lots of drive but still has nose lift and a nice balanced curve through the tail, to keep hold and control in steeper more critical waves.

Bottom shape, light double concave into soft V . All in all a good board that will serve you well in a variety of surf .

Check it out .