Different Lines

Two Plus One,  Shikoku Japan.

 Generating speed and flow in smaller waves most surfers just look at the type of surfboard "shape" there are riding . Step downs with extra volume or fishes, pods and egg style shapes are the normal go to when you need to grovel.

But what about fins ? Larger fins ,twins ,singles ,anything that lessens resistance , frees up your board will allow more speed and flow. Its a complicated world of theories and concepts  that most surfers don't get into too much.

Well with have been trying these Power Drive Fins made by Krypt Surf whilst surfing waves from Indonesia to Japan over the past few months.. From good overhead perfect surf to short range windswells, grovel type conditions.

"With 20 years of design development and refinement  behind them the Power Drive Fins harness the laminar flow to give maximum  thrust and drive while maintaining ultimate control".

These fins are fast, very fast. We tried in a normal thruster set up and Two plus One set up (pictured above) a twin fin designed to add a small rear fin as an option. 

Late Season Indo MagicLate Season Indo Magic photo @barrell_junkie

The feeling the Power Drive fins give are a lot of down the line projection , which deliver you to sections way quicker than the standard fin templates. Because you get into the pocket so quickly and with speed , learning to control that speed may take some adjusting but having speed is great thing in surfing , just got to learn how to control it . All in all the fins get the thumbs up from us.

A worthy edition to add to the fin options in the quiver especially if you are into drawing cleaner different lines and expanding your surfing experiences  !

Check out the man behind Power Drive Fins Mark Thomson on Instagram  .