Fun Flyer

The Flyer series are old school inspired twin fin models available in the stringerless carbon deck DCD Range or in the plain stringer version Premium Range.

At first glance the plan shapes or outlines may all look very similiar when checking them out on the internet .

Here is a brief breakdown explaining some of the subtle differences.

The Low Flyer

Retro Twin Fin with rear stabiliser option. The Flat deck under the front foot allows you to glide into waves with ease. Then lay it on rail with the step down beveled rail and old school idea ,which allows you to maintain speed and flow .

The Flat deck line allows you maintain plenty of foam in a very short board, which is very popular at the moment . But with the chimed or bevel rail once you lay it into a turn the low rail volume allows the board to knife thru turns like a modern shortboard.


The Mid Flyer

Again Twin Fin with the rear fin option . The deck line is more domed and leads into  a medium rail (50 /50 style). 

Super fast and forgiving , easy to ride and turns effortlessly with the Twin set up .

 Best for surfers who just want to add a no fuss twin fin surfboard to the quiver .

The High Flyer

Top of the range version based of the Mid Flyer rail simple proven performance deck line but with a channel bottom, altered rocker and tail lift . Designed to enhance the extra speed and hold the channels gives you.

Again a no fuss twin fin set up as far as rails volumes and rocker goes, with option of adding a rear third fin or stabiliser.

The whole board is inspired by the 1980's era but re-invented to perform . single flyer swallow tail with four channels. Speed, flow with hold and Channel Bottom bite !


Made for good down the line clean waves.