Tweaked Twin

Another tweaked out twin added to the range . The feedback we got was just so good we could leave this one on the sideline any longer. Lot of guys love there twins but are hesitant to push them and by adding the a small rear fin feel it just adds that extra hold most twins lack .

Introducing the  TP1 or Two Plus one ..

You can see definite influences from the Alien outline and flat Nemo fish rocker , with an altered bottom shape,consisting of a subtle Single concave into Spiral V With Slight Double concave. All very subtle and forgiving designed as a genuine small wave alternative twin fin then add the a small third fin rear stabiliser for a little extra hold .

Different characteristics to your standard twin with this board, designed to be ridden with a small rear stabilizer , looks like a thruster setup if you want a little extra hold through your turns.

The TP1 or Two Plus One , has its DNA from our Alien and Nemo designs but take a closer look at the rocker , bottom shape and rail volumes and of course the important fin cluster set up and what you will see is a performance based twin fin .
From one to four foot , this could be the most fun you could have !