Do you use Futures and often struggle with the grub screws ? Here are a few tips on how to preserve those little stainless steel screws that hold your favourite set of fins in . Even though FCS have moved onto FCS 2 system where you click and go . Here are few tips that may help you with the old system and Future Fins.

  1. This may sound obvious but make sure the drilled holes are clean and free from debris, that way the grub screw will move freely through the thread. 
  2. Use a new key , they wear out quickly , its worth investing in a hardened commercial quality Allen or Hex key ( 3/16th is the size for both Futures and FCS ). Or buy one of those fancy FCS tools...
  3. Make sure you place the allen key firmly into the grub screw , screw slowly , if you hear noises that suggested its grinding into the plastic box , stop and remove the grub screw and clean the hole , something is in the way . It could be a little bit of fiber glass debris if its a brand new surfboard . Even a tiny sanded bit of the plastic from the box , that is  trapped in the thread (hole), or even sand or grit if the board has already been used . 
  4. If you are having problems getting the Futures Fins into the box , don't force it . Inspect the box for any drops of resin if its a new board or sand / grit if a used board . Then inspect the fin , clean it . Finally add a bit of lubricant like WD40, not to much , you don't want it running down over the rails onto your wax. Make the sure the fin is placed into the rear of the box snuggly , then apply pressure it should "click" in , screw away and you are good go ! Hope that helps !

Hope these tips help and get you more time in the water.... And don't forget to check out our shop online.

 Futures Thruster set up on a Spiral model .

 Five Fin set up on Premium Must  in FCS 2 no more screws , just click and go !