Good Old Squash Tail

Good old Squash Tail is hard to beat on a  pointy nose surfboard . Its amazing how far boards have changed over that last decade . Take ten years ago and "fishes" were all the rage,  now in the blink of an eye "Mid Lengths" are huge. Design and alternate  boards have really dominated most surfers quivers . Which is great to see and awesome as board builder being able to bring old ideas and add a modern twist to surfboards. Some designs never fade in-fact get better and better . The Blend is one of those tried and tested surfboards .

Some design concepts you keep the "middle ground" , the "ideas" that work . Concaves , good rocker , nice foil etc .

The Blend is board that stands that test , developed now over ten years ago its has been one of our most popular pointy nose surfboards.

The simple short explanation its "reliable" step down performance model which is very versatile .

This one is 6'2 by by 20 1/2 by 2 11/16th , 34.50 litres and is a copy for a loyal customer "Mic".

Even though I based it off Mic's original three year old Blend , which was his favourite board . I added a few more litres , keeping the same length and width but just adding a touch more thickness and slight adjustment to the rails "fullness" feeling , which will suit him and where his at in his surfing .

Everything else was an exact copy . Mic gave me the board to have in the shaping room when I shaped it , I only added / subtracted what has evolved in the last three years to make the board perform better and more user friendly as any good old squash tail should !

"True customisation"