Mentawais Performance

Mic Elek at Suicides Mentawais

Mic ordered a new Premium Hi Performance for his Indonesian sojourn, bound for Aloita Resort in the Mentawais. He wanted a good solid performance surfboard that would allow him to transition easy from everyday beachbreaks to reef breaks , give the confidence and of course be able to be versatile enough to use back home .

Above: Super shallow reef break in Mentawais called "Suicides". 

Rarely surfed as the name suggests you come off here and you gonna lose a little "bark"! Courtesy of a few razor sharp coral heads .

Mic setting up the shallow inside bowl ! 

Above :Mic fun day at Burgerworld.

Looks and sounds like it did the job as Mic gave a us a bit of feedback and by the look of the images , he hooked straight in to some pumping surf in the Mentawais!

Mic Comments :

"In the Mentawais with my new 6 2 and loving it. Does what it says it would do, so stocked "!!!!
Thanks Team