Out Of This World

Out of this world , USC Alien for Shaun who ordered a replacement for a Formula Energy surfboard that was over five years old !

Five years is long time , and the new updated Alien has a been tweaked and some design changes to improve the overall performance of the ultimate high performance fish .

USC Alien Formula Energy Surfboard

Here is a brief explanation on the improvements

Improved Alien Breakdown .

  • Improved Flat Fish Rocker
  • Single To Double Concave bottom
  • Flatter deck line with even foam distribution foil.
  • Slighter wider tail pod.
  • Symmetrical Swallow Tail 
  • Way more accurately made surfboard .

This Alien is 5'10 by 19 3/4 by 2 9/16  , 29.86 litres plain white deck !