Resin Art

Get ready for summer on this USC Fuzz Nuts. The back to the future fin set up , sets this model apart from the standard quad / five fin generic boards going round .

With this surfboard the intention was to design a genuine quad , how quads came to being . Not a thruster with two extra fin FCS plugs added !

The whole design compliments  the four fin cluster, and with the flat deck , you can ride it shorter than normal as the volume is cleverly disguised in the overall foil. Add the chimed rail , pulled in hip swallow tail . What you have is an extremely fast small wave board .

Violet Marble and Black Resin Tint on the bottom of this Fuzz Nutz.

 Fuzz Nutz doesn't mid a bit of juice !Quad goodness at Burgerworld in Mentawais .

Little Bank Vaults Barrel On The Fuzz Nutz