Pouring Into The Unknown

Surfboard Resin Tint Art are all hand created in-house at Formula Energy.

We do all our own artwork in-house and we love it . 

Next to shaping the board and see the foam morph into functional surfboard shape is pretty cool . However mixing pigments and tints into the resin is without doubt the most exciting part of the board building process. 

Something about creating colour by adding it to resin that never gets old  ..

Its essentially random and the process of getting desired colors and effects is actually the opposite to what most people think .. Its some what trial and error buts its cool ! Especially when you get it right !

Formula Energy Surfboard


Epic colour schemes evolve when mixing resin tints and pigments together. Sometimes what's on the screen comes out a little different but thats all part of the creative individual side of making surfboards by hand and with love !

We call this RESIN TINT MULBERRY and you can have it on the deck or bottom of your next surfboard or even both !

The above model is a USC TP1 ...