Sunscreens What You Need To Know

With summer just around the corner here in Australia , here is some information that may change the way you look at sunscreen .

We all use copious amounts of zinc and sunscreen , do we take any notice of the ingredients ? Some chemicals we rub onto are skin are actually harmful to ourselves and the oceans and reefs. 

Oxybenzone, do you know what that is ? Well read on to learn what it is and how it could be doing you harm

We've all learned the hard way that spending too much time in the sun can create some pretty traumatizing effects. While researching for the 2013 sunscreen guide, The Environmental Working Group found a lot of surprising, and somewhat disheartening, information. Only 25% of sunscreen products on the market offer strong protection with limited safety concerns. Most sunscreens do not filter skin-damaging rays safely or effectively. Because FDA standards in America are not the strongest, more than half of the sunscreen products sold in the US could not be sold in Europe. Some chemical sunscreens contain Endocrine disruptors, which can cause the abnormal development of fetuses and possibly even lead to prostate cancer. Disturbed? Us too…

Click here on the link for more information , little bit of education is a good thing !

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