Who's Going to Indo

With a giant storm forecast to hit Indonesia on the 27th / 28th June, if you are lucky enough to be able to drop everything and book that air ticket then get over there , cause its going be pumping waves !

Make sure you got , that step up / semi gun surfboard packed in the quiver . Because your 5'4  hipster twin fin ain't going to cut it .

Boards around the 6'5  to 7'0 plus mark with plenty of foam. The guys who paddle out with those boards will be on all the bombs , getting in early and getting shacked !

Also pack those extra leg-ropes , nice and thick ! Preferably buy some new leg ropes ... A leg rope can become your best friend when you are coping 10 set waves on the head !

With this particular swell the forecast is packing an incredibly high period ,the latest forecasts on sites like MagicSeaweed are pushing it up to 28 seconds , that's super powerful .

It may not be huge but its gonna be packing some punch !

Good idea to update the fin collection .Invest in some larger fins  we got 40 % off on all our fins at our online store , the larger size fin in the water will be a must . 

You going to need that larger fin template in the water !

And remember when you pull up to that empty line out .Its probably bigger than it looks !

But that's no excuse ! You got the boards dialed in  , your got the big fins lock and loaded , the extra thick leg-rope , get out there and turn it into one of those memorable days !

Paddle deep , paddle hard and just GO !