Slick Convert

Check out this sexy and slick small wave speed machine surfboard the USC Convert  .

This Hybrid performance fish based of some old school principles is a custom

5'8 by 20 1/8 by 2 5/8 ( 32.50 litres ) .

Designed for small beach breaks and those day when conditions are marginal and you are  looking for any speed you can muster the  flattish rocker , plenty of foam disguised into this plan-shape, which  will help you get through those dead sections with speed to burn .

The double flyers squash tail is quiet deceiving as it actually hides a wider tail pod that allows for stability which is important as this model with its  single into double concave bottom goes really fast . Really Fast !

With the added foam under the back foot  the flyers give the board a quick release break point giving your turns that extra pop . It kind of feels like its glued to your back foot when you push and jam this board and  lay it on rail through your turns . 

This model has been extremely popular therefore we offer it in the USC technology with the carbon rails or in the Premium Range from $695 , which is your standard PU foam with a central wooden stringer . All technologies are laminated in polyester resin , because they go the best , feel the best and last longer from our factory !