December 19, 2017

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Slick Convert

Check out this sexy and slick small wave speed machine surfboard the USC Convert  .

This Hybrid performance fish based of some old school principles is a custom

5'8 by 20 1/8 by 2 5/8 ( 32.50 litres ) .

Designed for small beach breaks and those day when conditions are marginal and you are  looking for any speed you can muster the  flattish rocker , plenty of foam disguised into this plan-shape, which  will help you get through those dead sections with speed to burn .

The double flyers squash tail is quiet deceiving as it actually hides a wider tail pod that allows for stability which is important as this model with its  single into double concave bottom goes really fast . Really Fast !

With the added foam under the back foot  the flyers give the board a quick release break point giving your turns that extra pop . It kind of feels like its glued to your back foot when you push and jam this board and  lay it on rail through your turns . 

This model has been extremely popular therefore we offer it in the USC technology with the carbon rails or in the Premium Range from $695 , which is your standard PU foam with a central wooden stringer . All technologies are laminated in polyester resin , because they go the best , feel the best and last longer from our factory !

Crazy Convert

This little blade is going to leave its mark with its fluorescent racing stripes colour combination .

The Convert model surfboard kind of battles with the super popular Blend model but with its wider tail pod, semi fuller rail volume, and overall litres, it can be ridden  a lot shorter . Its super fast and stable and offers a lot of drive out of turns but has a unique release with the double flyers squash tail set up .

 It's  now available in the Premium Range as well as its original design the patented carbon rail techonolgy USC Range. You now have the option of of the stringer-less carbon rail or the more traditional with central wooden stringer . 

More information about the this small wave foam block of fun click here !

Birthday Boy

Today is one of the teams birthday ! Brent Savage  who in 2014 has worked enthusiastically on board design with the Formula Energy crew .

Brent quiver consists of his signature model the SAVAGE which has been tested and refined to a point where , this has become the must have all round  performance short board . 

He has traveled to the Maldives and Indonesia in 2014 , packing The USC Convert and Blend models again testing them in all types of waves . From pumping reef passes to back beaches and point breaks on the North Coast of Oz. 

Loving the Convert as quad and the Blend as an all round short board for marginal conditions. 

He has been blazing in smaller waves on hid DCD Mid Flyer and loving the flow of the twin fin with the small rear trailer . 

Look out for big things from Brent and Formula Energy in 2015 .

Check out a bit of footage click here surfing perfect tropical waves . 


Convert Today

We have USC Convert in stock ! Click here to go to the online store and get all the fine points ...
This stock board we managed to squash 32 litres into this 5'9 model ,will plenty of foam distributed through the plan-shape . 
Would be perfect for the bigger guy who wants to go short and not sacrifice any paddle power or overall flotation. 
Free freight offer available when you purchase this board, but hurry offer ends soon . 

Golden Convert



Check out this Custom made Golden Surfboard .

In the flesh this board looks amazing ,its a

USC Convert model , unfortunately the images on the screen , don't do it justice but I think you can get the idea.

If you scroll down to the close up shot below you can see the gold flake. An amazing collaboration by the team to produce this surfboard. 



Looks good , feels good , gonna go good !

Here is a little close up of the bottom ..

Die Hards

For all the Die Hard thruster hard heads in the surfing world. finally a board that will turn you over to the dark side of quad fins !

The brand new USC CONVERT

The Convert has all the good small wave qualities of a fish but with the performance features of a modern short-board .Which allows you to swap between your favorite thruster fin set up and confidently convert into a quad , and if you enjoy extra speed with control and flow , this is the board you must add to your quiver . Essentially a small to average wave surfboard.

Construction in our patented USC range and available now. Click on the drop down menu above:


USC Range for more information .