Time Out

Our main man Eden , who heads up all the logistics and customer queries, will be out of town from 23rd June till End of July. He is bound for the Banyaks and Mentawais to some dream waves in the northern part of the Indonesian archipelago ... (lucky for some).

 Time to get some tubes and test some new shooters for this guy !

The factory will still be open making boards, but all orders after 20th June you will be expecting delivery late July / Early August .

Eden's phone / email will still be working and he will do his best to answer all your queries and get back to you with updates from the factory about any boards in progress .

Sorry for the production times but quality sometimes takes a little time ... And Indonesia has been pumping and most of the workers are heading to Indo over the July period , so time to down tools and get shacked for the Formula Energy Crew !

Thinking about a new custom shooter in the near future, give us a call or email . Currently some of the performance models have been coming out 'The best ever" in performance and quality  ...

Here is few little waves of Eden on last trip in the Telos Islands..


Grommet Special

Custom 5'4 for Will who stands around 4'2 and weighs in 30 kgs. Will has been killing it on the the DCD Demon model and at Six years old is progressing really quick ..

Check him out styling at the Pass in Byron Bay 

We based this custom of the Alien style fish plan-shape with your rounder nose and a lot of foam carried forward .

However Will wanted the look of a more traditional performance pointy nose surfboard .

 We created a new outline , rounded of the nose , softened all the pointy dangerous bits to keep Mum happy avoiding any injuries and designed the Surfboard to allow Will to progress and grow into the board able to catch waves with ease and confidence but still able to duckdive and paddle out with his other frothing super GROMMET mates 

And of course custom art work is the character Johnny Test ... The kids favourite cartoon at the moment !

Pink And Black Graffiti Rail Spray

Pink And Black Graffiti Rail Spray , brand new custom artwork on the best beach-break /small wave performance surfboard model in the range !
The Premium Blend ..
Click here to watch the video of this surfboard in action !

The Blend is a Beauty

The Blend is proving to be one of the most popular editions to the Formula Energy surfboard range . It's a must have addition to the quiver for its versatility.  Order a little shorter than your standard performance surfboard , a tad wider , its flatter rocker under the front foot gives instant speed but still super responsive on any part of the wave face ...

Watch the Video to learn more about this model ...

Available in the USC Patented range or the Premium Range 


New Videos

Like barrels ? Well if you haven't already done so head over to the video Blog to see a little action from Indonesia and Maldives of late .

Video Blog Link.

Image above is by Richard Kotch, surfer Brent Savage , ''Getting ready to set it up''.