Easter Sale



Everyone loves a bargain and now is the time to grab a Formula Energy Surfboard for massively reduced price ! 

All stock surfboards have had price reductions , jump over to the online store to check the prices out ..

For example the Nemo below has had a minor showroom knock and subsequently a very small dent in the deck , its been reduced $300 to $695 from $995 !

Or this Alien in stock , first in best dressed ( $200 off ) ...

Need more information on the surfboards please don't hesitate to contact us by phone or email .

The Showroom is closed over the Easter Break , but back open Tuesday the 7th of April .


Tail Dip

Alienator model with a Green Resin Tint Tail Dip.

Available from the resin tint artwork page. 

This board was 6'2 by 19 1/2 by 2 5/8 , for a North Coast surfer ,around the 90 kg and stands 6ft tall,



Alienator Custom Swallow

Check out this Alienator Custom with a swallow tail instead of the standard rounded pin .

We added some rear carbon skirts to protect deck damage from your rear foot.

Its 5'11 by 20 1/4 by 2 11/16th.