January 14, 2016

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New Mutant

USC Mutant 

Custom for Michael, dimensions are 5'11 by 19 1/2 by 2 3/8 . 28.13 litres. Artwork is Red and Black Inverted Flower Of Life Sacred geometrical pattern .

Watch the Mutant in action below....


Jason , little research and development on the Mutant Model ... Find out more about this surfboard from the USC range ,its benefits and characteristics , with the carefully crafted single flyers leading into a swallow tail .

Click on the blue text above .... If you like speed , flow and hold and tad more volume where it counts .


The Savage Model now available in the USC Range , previously only made in the Premium series ,  conventional pu blank with central wooden stringer.

Now you have the option of ordering in the  USC technology with a stringer-less pu blank and framed in Parabolic carbon rails , for extra responsiveness for  performance based surfing .

Which is better ? Well read about our patented technology here

Happy Holidays

2014 is done and dusted ! What a big year , plenty of travel for all of the team , scoring some great waves in 2014.

Big thanks to Jason Jameson , Brent Savage and Bryce Young for pushing the boards to the limits and all the feedback which helps develop and refine the current models and develop new and exciting surfboards ...

And of course the factory team for producing every surfboard to the highest quality possible . 

Our motto is simple:

"Every Board is special ".

Hope your board is special , many thanks for the opportunity to make you that special board and we hope we helped you on your surfing journey. 

Plenty of new stuff on the horizon for board development in 2015 , keep checking the blog and Faceook , Instragram and Twitter for updates ! See you all in 2015 !

Enjoy the ride , happy holidays and may many barrels come you way in 2015 !

Photo by Ryan Robson , Eden in Indonesia 

Bat Tail

Here is a little tweaked model we are testing with the team .

Once the boys Jason , Bryce , Brent and co  ride it to death and give it the thumbs up , sure it will be refined and hopefully developed into the range . 

Hope its gets the thumbs up , because I love the Bat tail...And the colour ! Turquoise foam spray 

Jason Jameson

A new era has begun.Jason Jameson joins the Formula Energy team to spearhead design and direction and lead us into this exciting new chapter of board building , through a collaboration with multi generational experience  .

Read more about Jason under the team banner above. 

"Its time to evolve, create, refine and make the best surfboards possible".

Watch Jason on the USC Mutant on a recent R and D Trip with the boys !

Mutant Model Surfboard in full flight from Formula Energy on Vimeo.

People - Surfboard Shaper Jason Jameson from Mick Wilcomes on Vimeo.