Fun In The Sun

Mike has been having a lot fun is the sun over in Western Australia .

Mike has a cool little quiver of Formula Energy Surfboards. A 6'3 by 19 3/4 by 2 3/4 Premium Savage (33.57 litres). A USC Old Faithful , 6'1 by 20 by 2 3/4 (33.84 litres) and A Premium Fuzz Nutz which is 6'0 by 19 1/4 by 2 5/8 (35 litres).

We kept his boards around the 33 litres mark for the performance end and fine tuned the dimensions depending on the model and type of waves Mike would be chasing on that particular board . With the Fuzz Nutz being primarily designed for smaller less powerful waves we made it 35 litres , just to give it a little more float on those smaller days !

Above: Giving his Savage a run on nice clean wall

Keep The Faithful

Keep the Faithful ,and discard the rest !

USC Old Faithful 6'2 by 19 1/4 by 2 3/8 (28.82 litres).

For the trip of a lifetime . Designed for smoking tropical barrels and some !

Old Faithful

USC Old Faithful for Tiago. Custom 5'11 by 18 7/8 by 2 1/4 bound for Portugal. 

Tiago is about 67kg (140 pounds ). He surfs beach-breaks and points at his local area.  

Tiago ordered two boards which we send using door to door air- courier ,fully insured and pack really well , delivered right to your front doorstep.


Bali Barrels


A custom 6’3 by 19 1/2 by 2 11/16th USC Old Faithful for Bali Barrels and beyond for the bigger surfer who wants to spend plenty of time in the water 

With the Lavender Hemp / PET deck inlay .


Or you could add this Funk Flying deck print, if you are that way , whichever that way is ?