Full Customised Creation

At Formula Energy we have the luxury of having everything ''in-house" . Which enables us to create full custom designs and liaising with the surfer throughout the whole process .

From the initial 3 d cad design of the pre-shape we can customize existing plan-shapes and tweak them to suit , then hand shape to make a board that is technically  accurate but with the ultimate goal of a surfboard that performs above and beyond your expectations. 

And then to the final art work ,whether it is a foam spray , resin tint, or full deck print . Artwork is a major part of your surfboard and nothing is off limits, the only thing holding you back is your imagination. 

This particular surfboard was from the imagination of Michael who surfs mainly in marginal conditions. He wanted the ultimate grovel board but was very specific about bottom curves and outlines to make it work in his part of the world .

Essentially its based of a Nemo outline with a single flyer round tail . With single into double concaves with V off the tail . 

Michael never visited the factory and all correspondence were done by email ! 

The Board is all black with Carbon / Kevlar parabolic rails (USC).

 Essentially the ULTIMATE CUSTOM !