Keep It Simple

Some surfers like to keep it simple ! This Premium Blend custom is 6'1 by 20 1/2 by 2 11/16th. Volume 33.20 litres. Plain white normal stringer PU with some carbon tail inserts as the only "fancy dressing" on this surfboard . 

The Blend is designed to sit just under your Performance Board (Eg: The Savage or Hi Performance models. An all rounder , ideally for beach breaks from one to four foot.

Although it's a great board to travel with as well , because it can cover slightly better waves if need be. Read more about the Blend here . The board tends to have a flatter entry rocker which allows it to maintain speed and drive in weaker waves and flatter sections.

The performance based outline however still allows it to work in the pocket and we recommend ramping up your fin size . Which will really allow you to push this board in a broader spectrum of waves.

Order one to three inches shorter that your normal performance board .

 Pushing a Prototype DCD Blend thru a little hollow section . Photo By Jason Acott