Black On Black

We think black is back ! This is a resin tint black bottom . If you like the darker side of life than the resin tint black option is for you ! Its all in the finer details , we even used black resin around the FCS plugs, yes it actually is a five fin model ,but hard to pick up the the FCS tabs in the image . 

Alien Step Up

USC Alien Step Up ,custom for 67kg surfer. 

6'0 by 19 by 2 1/4 26.81 litres

With Green and Mean Resin Tint bottom and Flower of Life deck art Blue Black

For pumping waves !



Jason’s new USC Alien Step up !

6’6 by 20 1/2 by 2 7/8 rounded pin

Black Inverted Flower of life art

Good paddler , plenty of volume ! For the  crowded  and sweepy  North Coast points  !

Jason stands 6’5 and around the 102kg mark..