Channel Bottoms

Here are two models from the  Formula Energy collection , on the left the Performance V and on the right the DCD Hi Flyer , both Channel bottoms but very different set ups designed for very different types of waves.

Lets get a rundown on theses designs and what conditions suit each model ....

On the left is a modern performance shortboard or commonly referred to as a step up or semi gun . We call it the Performance V and its made for really good waves !

In fact its made for epic waves. The six channel bottom is made to generate extra speed , hold and drive in solid waves .

This type of surfboard really comes to life when its barreling and you are looking to hit top speed . Wave destinations like Indonesia , Tahiti and beyond , anywhere where you are surfing hollow fast waves, this is the model that will do the job . 

If you like solid down the line surf or looking to add a step up /semi gun to the quiver then the Performance V or in the USC range go the Performance Plus model .

On the right  the DCD series is the top of the range Hi Flyer .This surfboard is designed for smaller surf with single flyers leading into a swalllow tail .

The Single flyers act like a break point allowing the the board to pivot through turns .

Fins are Two plus One set up, you can ride it with standard twin fins, like these Scarfini Twins with the added rear box adding a rear stabilizer, ideally a smallish type fin, which will give your twin fin a little extra hold coming  out of turns . 

Twin fins are very fast , loose and highly responsive to subtle transitions or weight shifts. By adding the channel  bottom you get  extra speed, hold and of course extra drive with bight which often twins lack .

Overall its a good combination if you like surfing fast and free. 

The rear stabiliser is very popular these days with surfers adding a small rear fin option , which acts as a break point  allowing the surfboard to pivot out of turns and reducing unwanted drift .

Kelly Slater popularised  new designs like the FCS  Knubster or Futures Fins Middle Finger these smaller rear fins would increase drive and provide directional control through turns without sacrificing speed and flow

Its a matter of trial and error finding out what works for you in different conditions . Overall this is a really fun board , order 3 to 5 inches shorter than your normal short-board and add an extra couple of litres. 



Mustard Yellow Charger

Brent Savage's new Premium Performance V model surfboard . For smoking good waves !

With Mustard Yellow rail spray and carbon tail skirt inserts . 

Its 6'0 by 18 5/8 by 2 5/16 , 26 litres


This guy loves a little R & D (research and development) , or product testing . How about just surfing good waves . 

Brent Savage , pushing the Performance V in some solid surf on a recent trip .

Learn more about this model CLICK HERE 

Photo by Richard Kotch


Dig solid waves  and get excited when you see weather maps like this ? Or perhaps you are planing your Indonesia sojourn for 2015 . And looking to update the quiver ?

Either way serious waves need excellent surfboards . Step up and semi guns need enough volume , right rockers , perfected bottom curves and reliable fin set ups are just a few vital points ,to make sure you get in the right spot and the boards reacts the right way where and when you need it . 

Check out a few from our range 

Halloween Theme

Ok, we missed the Halloween deadline ! But this Premium Performance V model surfboard is inspired with its blood red tail dip and red splash does tend to lean towards the dark side !

The brief was red and black and don't hold back ...

This custom Premium Performance V surfboard

Dimensions 6'4 by 19 1/4 by 2 5/8 

Custom made with Squash Tail , instead of the standard rounded pin tail .

32.28 litres


The V

Custom Premium Performance V Model for Graham. 

Its 6'0 by 19 1/4 by 2 7/16th . 29 Litres

Graham's request was if we could slightly widen the tail pod for him . Adding more area in the tail pod which creates more width through the tail outline.