Autumn Chill

Autumn chill in the air doesn't stop Brent Savage winding in the pocket on his signature model . 

The Savage is  available in the USC Construction or Premium Series . 

From 2ft to 6ft this modern shortboard is a must have addition to the quiver. Designed to glide over flat sections  but still work in the pocket and lay it on rail when need be . True all round performance surfboard . 

custom order online .

Spot On

Brent Savage's New Premium Savage . 

5'11 by 18 3/4 by 2 5/16 

Slightly tweaked design in the research and development stage . So far its looking good with Savy riding the surfboard to victory in the recent Barney Miller Charity Event ( See Previous Post )

Brent Savage on the way to victory  , image by Reg's Photo

The Artwork , designed in-house by the crew , funky tail dip with blue dots and a classy creme base . Its called Blue Dots and Creme Tail Dip

Savy Wins

On the back of Brent Savage's winning form in last weekend Kirra Teams Challenge contest . The boys headed down to Sawtell for the annual Barney Miller Charity Classic surf contest . 

The Barney Miller Classic is a charity, surf contest / event to help raise money for people who have suffered a Spinal Cord Injury to help them on their road to recovery!

In 2014 all proceeds went to Max Lee a Cabarita surfer , you can read about Max and his road to recovery on the Barney Miller Facebook page  .

Waves were small for the weekend event but Brent supported by Jason Jameson ,shaper and his mates surfed strong all weekend to win the event and the first prize of $2000 cash !

Congratulations to Brent and all the team for putting solid surfboards under his feet and ripping the bag out of it ...

Winners are grinners ! Brent Savage post contest celebrations ...

New Videos

Like barrels ? Well if you haven't already done so head over to the video Blog to see a little action from Indonesia and Maldives of late .

Video Blog Link.

Image above is by Richard Kotch, surfer Brent Savage , ''Getting ready to set it up''.




Die Hards

For all the Die Hard thruster hard heads in the surfing world. finally a board that will turn you over to the dark side of quad fins !

The brand new USC CONVERT

The Convert has all the good small wave qualities of a fish but with the performance features of a modern short-board .Which allows you to swap between your favorite thruster fin set up and confidently convert into a quad , and if you enjoy extra speed with control and flow , this is the board you must add to your quiver . Essentially a small to average wave surfboard.

Construction in our patented USC range and available now. Click on the drop down menu above:


USC Range for more information . 

Testing Time

Brent Savy  Savage just returned from the Maldives and scored all-time week of waves.

His Quiver was his go to Savage model for the pumping days .

And the super popular ALL-ROUNDER USC BLEND. 5'8 , Featured here with a purple fade rail spray.

Savy was also packing this new prototype model , 5'6 double flyer squash tail , still under wraps with no official naming yet !. He has been testing it back home and loving the quad set up ! Its super fast and surprising a lot of crew who rode it,for the hold and drive it has , converting a lot of die-hard thruster surfers over to the dark side of alternate quad fins !

Thumbs up with this new plan-shape .We will keep you posted on a release date .  


Brent Savage


Formula Energy officially welcomes BRENT SAVAGE to the team.

One of Australia’s  most promising young upstarts , Brent is a modest yet focused  with a bright future ahead of him.

With a super silky smooth style and possessing all the desire to surf cutting edge on and above the lip.

Brent is the ultimate team rider who loves to provide feedback on how to fine tune and improve the surfboard models. 

Savage Model from Formula Energy on Vimeo.

Brent loves working the team to improve performance models



but also enjoys riding alternate style surfboards.



Check out his signature model the SAVAGE