Green Flow Resin Tint

Custom USC Blend bound for Southern Australian Waters ! Tasmania got some cold water , lots of wildlife in and out of the ocean , and plenty of uncrowded surf for the true die-hard crew . 

From pumping beach-breaks to groomed point breaks , the Blend model covers a varying range of conditions . Great addition to the quiver , one of the favorites for sure !

This surfboard is 5'10 by 19 1/4 by 2 7/16 , 29 litres .

Artwork is GREEN FLOW RESIN TINT ,light green , dark green and a tad of fluorescent green .


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Scotland The Brave

Thinking destinations like Hawaii , Mentawais or the Pacific and idllyic warm water images of epic waves  come to mind . Well forget that ,how about one of the last great surfing frontiers, North West Scotland ? 

Above is one of the last remaining wilderness regions in Great Britain . All you got to do is hike for four days in close to minus degrees temperatures , just make sure you bring all your own food and supplies. Lodgings are mountain shacks and if you can handle all of this then these freezing cold line ups could all be yours !

Our mate over in the UK Pete Geall lives for these types of surf adventures and packed his trusty Formula Energy Blend and headed of into the wilderness with his buddy .

New Wetsuit supplied by Finisterre for testing in the frigid waters which hover around 7 degrees Celsius and his favourite surfboard. The boys scored some empty line ups and cold water tubes .

This famous right hander near the highlands of Scotland doing a Nias impersonation.


Above are just a few images from the  recent trip . Pete traveled  to one of the most remote surfing destinations and scored . Look out for the full story coming out in the magazine Great Ocean Quarterly December issue !

Pacific Lights Up


If the Pacific lights up in 2015 will you be ready ? Early indications are looking good with super storm cells already forming , ealrly season Hawaii is pumping , dream location like perhaps P-Pass or other destinations ?

The Premium Performance V , is what you need for those days that get etched in the history books !

Proper performance gun available in the Premium range for the bigger days !


Cool Kegs

Pete Geall from Cornwall in UK , tube time . Summer in the UK has been delivering !

"I've had an incredible summer working in Cornwall in the UK the past few months. We have been blessed with an awesome season of waves, weather and good crew - I think of alot people would be surprised at how good the waves can get here. I've included a few shots below of me riding the board I bought off you in April, I've been riding it daily and it has no pressure dings! Its been great to have a board that enables me to draw the kind of lines I want to, at next level speed. Stoked is an understatement!"

Pete Geall , with the best view !



Check out these amazing images from Pete and his solo travels to some of the most remote waves in the in the world ! And the coldest !

Pete commented;

Just thought I would drop you an quick email – Really enjoying the 5’8 I bought of you a month ago. Starting to get it dialled in now, 3-4ft punchy beachbreaks – its all over it! Thanks again for taking the time to show me the factory at short notice, really appreciated your time and stoke.

Lastly, just got back from a solo-mission to Iceland, must be the most northerly point a Formula board has been? – from the southern Hemi to the Arctic. I’ve attached a few pics .