December 19, 2017

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We love coffee and enjoy our coffee breaks down at the factory . Often the finer points on surfboard design are discussed on these breaks, as well as many other worldly matters !

This artwork is inspired by coffee, its called the EXPRESSO RESIN TINT design and its on a smoking little 5'8 DCD DEMON . You can check out the whole range of Resin Tint art here .... Customized colours and designs are available  !

The Demon is the ultimate small wave fun surfboard , with plenty of foam in all the right places . Lets you glide over fat sections with ease and paddle like a little devil .

Want a real short board with lots of foam ,well the Demon is the answer .

"Life is too short to drink Instant Coffee" 


Summer Groveller

Spring has hit with vengeance in South East Qld/ Northern NSW.

A run of poor waves, northerly summer type conditions and lots of big ocean predators ( sharks) shouldn't keep you out of the water though !

This surfboard model could be the good medicine required !

The DCD Demon is the ultimate grovel board. Plenty of pace to outrun those flat average waves and get you out there enjoying it .

Ride it really short and wide , with a an extra few litres of volume...

The one above is 5'8 by 20 1/4 by 2 1/2 with the Flower Of Life art , Maroon White and Black Inverted Flower Of Life. 

And they start at $795 including freight ( delivered to your front door ) ...In Australia (conditions apply).

Order one right here ! 



The DCD Range has had a price reduction !
 We can now offer the DCD range from $795 , that's $100 off the original price,
for a
  • Custom made
  • Stringer-less surfboard 
  • Infused dual carbon deck ( high quality multi directional carbon) 
  • Custom made and of course proudly made in Australia.
We do everything in house, in other words we don't out-source any part of the surfboard manufacturing process .
This enables are quality control to be impeccable. Every surfboard that goes out is quality controlled to the highest standards possible . 
Producing a surfboard that not only performs  but lasts way longer than our competitors and looks good for the long run !
Formula Energy Surfboards the art of of perfection through evolution to produce performance, unrivaled  
Look good , feel unreal and go Sic ! Check out the range here

Birthday Boy

Today is one of the teams birthday ! Brent Savage  who in 2014 has worked enthusiastically on board design with the Formula Energy crew .

Brent quiver consists of his signature model the SAVAGE which has been tested and refined to a point where , this has become the must have all round  performance short board . 

He has traveled to the Maldives and Indonesia in 2014 , packing The USC Convert and Blend models again testing them in all types of waves . From pumping reef passes to back beaches and point breaks on the North Coast of Oz. 

Loving the Convert as quad and the Blend as an all round short board for marginal conditions. 

He has been blazing in smaller waves on hid DCD Mid Flyer and loving the flow of the twin fin with the small rear trailer . 

Look out for big things from Brent and Formula Energy in 2015 .

Check out a bit of footage click here surfing perfect tropical waves . 


Christmas Is Coming

This year has absolutely flown past , we are only now two months away till Christmas. 

With Summer surf in mind , Matt ordered this DCD Demon 5'6 model with Trippy flower of life print. High volume super short fun board for the small waves.

To guarantee pre-Christmas delivery on your new board we recommend you place your order asap. To ensure you get that new sled in time !

Contact us for more information .

Hi Flyer Explained

The DCD Hi Flyer is one of our top of the range surfboards in the DCD series. Its DNA old school twin fin outline, revamped to work as a performance twin (two plus one) . With the extra bonus of four channels  for more controlled speed .

We have designed this board with extreme V off the tail for performance and added a FCS rear fin option , for added stability , essentially for speed and flow with hold ! 

Because of the extreme V shaped into the tail pod we recommend the FCS rear to maintain the integrity of the  V bottom design 

Its designed to be ridden with your favorite twins and a small rear stabilizer .

Like the Aipa by Future Fins

Or the Scarfini FX Twin .

Please note that these are only recommendations and experiment find what works and enjoy the ride !

October 13, 2014

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Hi Flyer

Graham's all new DCD High Flyer , in smoking grey with black pin-line .

Two plus one set up , four channel bottom with deep V off the tail.

"Old school twin fin never looked so good".  

5'9 by 19 1/2 by 2 7/16th (30 litres).

DCD Twin Fins Flyers Series Debut

Welcome to the debut of the all new DCD Twin Fin Flyer Series. Three new models all twin fins constructed in the Dual Carbon Deck series.

Inspired by the Eighties and all the good things about twin fins !

Re-incarnated with modern materials like Carbon and Kevlar fused decks and stringer-less blanks .Built for ultimate speed and flow . Fast and loose , easy to turn , all with wider planshapes ,designed to be ridden shorter than your normal performance board but still plenty of foam for paddle power. 

Click on the DCD Range above for more information