We love coffee and enjoy our coffee breaks down at the factory . Often the finer points on surfboard design are discussed on these breaks, as well as many other worldly matters !

This artwork is inspired by coffee, its called the EXPRESSO RESIN TINT design and its on a smoking little 5'8 DCD DEMON . You can check out the whole range of Resin Tint art here .... Customized colours and designs are available  !

The Demon is the ultimate small wave fun surfboard , with plenty of foam in all the right places . Lets you glide over fat sections with ease and paddle like a little devil .

Want a real short board with lots of foam ,well the Demon is the answer .

"Life is too short to drink Instant Coffee" 


Grommet Special

Custom 5'4 for Will who stands around 4'2 and weighs in 30 kgs. Will has been killing it on the the DCD Demon model and at Six years old is progressing really quick ..

Check him out styling at the Pass in Byron Bay 

We based this custom of the Alien style fish plan-shape with your rounder nose and a lot of foam carried forward .

However Will wanted the look of a more traditional performance pointy nose surfboard .

 We created a new outline , rounded of the nose , softened all the pointy dangerous bits to keep Mum happy avoiding any injuries and designed the Surfboard to allow Will to progress and grow into the board able to catch waves with ease and confidence but still able to duckdive and paddle out with his other frothing super GROMMET mates 

And of course custom art work is the character Johnny Test ... The kids favourite cartoon at the moment !


The DCD Range has had a price reduction !
 We can now offer the DCD range from $795 , that's $100 off the original price,
for a
  • Custom made
  • Stringer-less surfboard 
  • Infused dual carbon deck ( high quality multi directional carbon) 
  • Custom made and of course proudly made in Australia.
We do everything in house, in other words we don't out-source any part of the surfboard manufacturing process .
This enables are quality control to be impeccable. Every surfboard that goes out is quality controlled to the highest standards possible . 
Producing a surfboard that not only performs  but lasts way longer than our competitors and looks good for the long run !
Formula Energy Surfboards the art of of perfection through evolution to produce performance, unrivaled  
Look good , feel unreal and go Sic ! Check out the range here

Christmas Is Coming

This year has absolutely flown past , we are only now two months away till Christmas. 

With Summer surf in mind , Matt ordered this DCD Demon 5'6 model with Trippy flower of life print. High volume super short fun board for the small waves.

To guarantee pre-Christmas delivery on your new board we recommend you place your order asap. To ensure you get that new sled in time !

Contact us for more information .