Custom Premium Savage : 5'8 by 18 3/8 by 2 1/4 

23.50 litres , for Oscar

With Spirit Tail Dip Resin Tint . 

Go to, All Round Performance Surfboard .


The Savage Model now available in the USC Range , previously only made in the Premium series ,  conventional pu blank with central wooden stringer.

Now you have the option of ordering in the  USC technology with a stringer-less pu blank and framed in Parabolic carbon rails , for extra responsiveness for  performance based surfing .

Which is better ? Well read about our patented technology here

Faded Blend

Custom Premium Blend for Stuey.

5'11 by 18 5/16 by 2 3/16. 

24.20 litres 

With a Black to Purple fade rail spray . Custom order requirements were low rails with a tail pod with a little extra foam . We nailed this one !

Good Present

Custom Premium Honey Badger , 6'2 by 20 1/4 by 2 5/8 . 33.32 litres . 

For Mike who is 6'2 and around 90 kg . (198 pounds).

Weekend Away

Brent loves a weekend away ! Savy  riding his signature model the Premium Savage and nailing it on a weekend away with the boys !

Watch this space as, we will be releasing the signature Savage model in the USC Technology in 2015 !

Looking for constant speed and flow with tail release ! Well combined with the parabolic carbon rail flex pattern (USC) , this will be one of those surfboard that you want to ride all the time !

Photo by AMS Images , Aidan Stevens . 

Green N Mean

New custom, Green and Mean Resin Tint on the bottom of a Premium Alien . Check out all the surfboard art options here.

Premium Alien

Like the USC Alien however not into hemp decks or black rails ,colour /artwork on surfboards .

Just like your plain white boards and perhaps looking for a more price friendly version? 

Now the Alien is available in two different construction technologies .

Pictured here, your hemp deck , black rails , stringerless blank with carbon rails ....

Below, check out the refined and much improved Premium Alien , better price point but all the good performance characteristics of the original USC Alien model.

Construction is a central wooden stringer Premium Range with high quality PU blank . All the speed and flow of a high performance modern day fish surfboard . 

The Alien , the must have addition to the quiver ! 

Blue Blend

Custom Premium Blend

5'9 by 19 by 2 5/16th

24 .50 litres . 

Aqua Blue rails with Black pin line . 


November 17, 2014

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Free Shipping

Order a custom surfboard from the USC , DCD or Premium range and have it delivered for free anywhere in Australia !
Delivered to your front door , fully insured and packed real well .
Hurry this is a limited offer and will end soon . 
NEW BOARDS in stock or USED BOARDS as well included in the freight free offer ,within Australia
Make sure you Click on the Freight Free option in the Paypal payment window .
Custom orders approximately 4 to 5 weeks plus freight (one week).
But hurry as Christmas is fast approaching .
We use Paypal as our online payment system. Any issues with web order or payment option etc, or you would just like more info on the boards , please don't hesitate to contact us
via email or phone ( 0418 798 209 ).

Halloween Theme

Ok, we missed the Halloween deadline ! But this Premium Performance V model surfboard is inspired with its blood red tail dip and red splash does tend to lean towards the dark side !

The brief was red and black and don't hold back ...

This custom Premium Performance V surfboard

Dimensions 6'4 by 19 1/4 by 2 5/8 

Custom made with Squash Tail , instead of the standard rounded pin tail .

32.28 litres