July 21, 2016

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Savy One day Wonder

Click this link to watch on Instagram our team rider going mad over at Lakey Peak. 

Short low res surf edit with an interesting story behind it !

Story Goes , a little like this ,

"Fastest strike mission of my life .Surfed nearly 8 hours on the first day and on one of my last waves fell and slapped the water pretty hard. When you come up for air and the whole ocean is spinning upside down you know somethin ain't right haha ".

Hi Res full version coming soon !

Mentawais Performance

Mic Elek at Suicides Mentawais

Mic ordered a new Premium Hi Performance for his Indonesian sojourn, bound for Aloita Resort in the Mentawais. He wanted a good solid performance surfboard that would allow him to transition easy from everyday beachbreaks to reef breaks , give the confidence and of course be able to be versatile enough to use back home .

Above: Super shallow reef break in Mentawais called "Suicides". 

Rarely surfed as the name suggests you come off here and you gonna lose a little "bark"! Courtesy of a few razor sharp coral heads .

Mic setting up the shallow inside bowl ! 

Above :Mic fun day at Burgerworld.

Looks and sounds like it did the job as Mic gave a us a bit of feedback and by the look of the images , he hooked straight in to some pumping surf in the Mentawais!

Mic Comments :

"In the Mentawais with my new 6 2 and loving it. Does what it says it would do, so stocked "!!!!
Thanks Team

July 18, 2016

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Mint Maldives

Tony Keenan Maldives moment Tony Keenan  enjoying every moment in the Maldives on his USC Alien . 2016 will go down as memorable  Indian Ocean season !

Speed , drive & control equals a clean exit .

"Life is better with a good quiver".


Photo : Ford Fotography

We Are Back

We love Indonesia and scored some great waves over there, got to ride some new models and test some surfboards in quality surf. Warm water with uncrowded pumping waves , surf breaks that don't have names yet ! Does it get any better !

We never wanted to leave, but we are back on deck at the Formula Energy HQ...

Sorry If we missed your call or have not replied to your emails . Eden is back in the office and will reply to all your queries very soon !

Email or ring or just come say hello at the Factory !

Above : Testing a new quad USC Fuzz Nutz , photo by Federico Vannao @liquidbarrel .

Quality Read

White Horses issue number Sixteen has finally hit the stands and its been worth the wait ! Need a quality hard copy surf magazine on the coffee table and sick of the regurgitated gutter surf journalism ? Then grab a copy of the issue 16 from the team at White Horses .

Our good friend Pete Geal has racked up a few surf travel miles and you can read about one of his latest adventures in the new edition . This guy travels far and wide , he is most traveled surfer we have ever meet !

Pete is currently Life Guarding in Fiji at the Namotu resort some would say the dream job ! Scoring back to back swells with Kelly Slater in town its hard to jag a bomb with the Outerknown A team in the line up but here is one !Check it out on Instagram ! 

Hit the Link to find out where you can buy the magazine

White Horses.




Save Our Spit

Another Offshore Cruise Ship Terminal proposal is on the table !

The Mayor of the Gold Coast  Tom Tate , again is spearheading a development that would drastically change and essential destroy a pristine part of the Northern Gold Coast . One of the last open spaces , with picture postcard waterways on one side and world class surf beaches on the other . 

Edge of the City , Straddie

Once its gone its gone ! And the fight to hold onto one of the last open spaces on the much developed Northern Gold Coast has been ongoing for over 15 years .

The wider community concerns are not only about the environmental impacts but the lack of thought about infrastructure  to support this narrow peninsula  serviced by one road that often grid locks .

It also happens to have a world class waves , South Stradbroke on its day can produce beach breaks that are the envied all over the world, and the Spit also has been known to fire up every now and then !

Groups like Save Our Spit and Gecko have been vocal about the detrimental effect of building a Cruise  Ship Terminal in such a pristine waterway as of course the local community of Surfers , Boat owners and others that regularly use the area. 

Much has been written on social media, motives implying the obvious land grab of crown land ,but this article by the Liquify Team on the latest proposal by Mayor Tom Tate really explains some hard facts about how "left field" this plan really is and the real motives behind this development !

Jump over to the Liquify Web Site its a dam good read !

Refreshing read by surfers for surfers ! 

Twenty Million

Cyclone Winston 2016 produced one of the most incredible run of waves in South East Qld in recent memory. The SuperBank was the main focus but plenty of other spots lit up over the two week period .

Many media outlets reported it generated twenty million dollars into the local economy .  With the hype and forecasting web world going into overdrive everyone downed tools and headed for South East Queensland. Crowd numbers were relentless but if you could jag a bomb , dodge the punters in the way and not get dropped in on, you probably go one of the most perfect waves of your life !

Our apologies goes out if your custom surfboard deadline blew out ! But with waves like this in our backyard, can you really blame us for "tools down" !

Eden riding his USC Performance Plus surfboard .

Tools down , tube tickle sequence at the SuperBank 

Photos : Simon Muirhead @simsurf

February 18, 2016

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Mentawai Dreaming

Natsuko blasting on her USC BLEND!

Well actually that is her partners surfboard Dave Mathew.  Both of them are building  a new resort in the Mentawais called Alaia , the resort website is currently under construction but you can get daily updates on the progress on they FACEBOOK page. 

Its based in the surf rich Playgrounds area , Dave has been based up there for a long time and sure he is dialled into the conditions ! He loves getting barrelled .. So if you are dreaming of the Mentawais or a little Indonesian surf trip contact Dave and Natsuko.

Natsuko also runs a cool Swimear company for the girls. Check it out here ,its called LANIAZUL Swimwear .

December 09, 2015

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The Hype

Surf Forecasting sites like Coastalwatch hype went into overdrive ,over ten days before the first major swell event for the 2015 / 2016 Summer and it did not disappoint . 

Cyclone "Tuni" delivered pumping waves for almost a week on East Coast of Australia, in particular the South East Queensland points were all time . But the crowds were also at a hectic level.

We decided to hit the road with Aidyn , the filmer and his top the range Red Camera , which is one of the best sports action cameras, shooting in high definition and try and find some waves away from the crowded Gold Coast , hoping to bag some good footage .

Here are some photos from one session . Hi Def video coming soon  from the DCD , USC and Premium Ranges of Surfboards.

 Brent Savage , made the most of the first swell event !

Everywhere that was good was crowded, but Brent has surfed this wave many times prior and with a little bit of knowledge and patience ,  he scored some bombs. 

Sunny Skies ,warm and super clear water, for the first swell of summer. Brent chatting with North Coast charger Laurie Towner.

Brent Savage Formula Energy

At some stages the swell really jacked , and there were some good solid 6ft sets ,overall though it was good 4ft to 5ft for a couple of days straight on the points.

Will the swell getting cleaner and cleaner as the weekend progressed. Sunday and Monday saw some of the cleanest and best conditions of late . 

Lets hope more of this for 2016 !

Who's Going to Indo

With a giant storm forecast to hit Indonesia on the 27th / 28th June, if you are lucky enough to be able to drop everything and book that air ticket then get over there , cause its going be pumping waves !

Make sure you got , that step up / semi gun surfboard packed in the quiver . Because your 5'4  hipster twin fin ain't going to cut it .

Boards around the 6'5  to 7'0 plus mark with plenty of foam. The guys who paddle out with those boards will be on all the bombs , getting in early and getting shacked !

Also pack those extra leg-ropes , nice and thick ! Preferably buy some new leg ropes ... A leg rope can become your best friend when you are coping 10 set waves on the head !

With this particular swell the forecast is packing an incredibly high period ,the latest forecasts on sites like MagicSeaweed are pushing it up to 28 seconds , that's super powerful .

It may not be huge but its gonna be packing some punch !

Good idea to update the fin collection .Invest in some larger fins  we got 40 % off on all our fins at our online store , the larger size fin in the water will be a must . 

You going to need that larger fin template in the water !

And remember when you pull up to that empty line out .Its probably bigger than it looks !

But that's no excuse ! You got the boards dialed in  , your got the big fins lock and loaded , the extra thick leg-rope , get out there and turn it into one of those memorable days !

Paddle deep , paddle hard and just GO !