Resin Art

Get ready for summer on this USC Fuzz Nuts. The back to the future fin set up , sets this model apart from the standard quad / five fin generic boards going round .

With this surfboard the intention was to design a genuine quad , how quads came to being . Not a thruster with two extra fin FCS plugs added !

The whole design compliments  the four fin cluster, and with the flat deck , you can ride it shorter than normal as the volume is cleverly disguised in the overall foil. Add the chimed rail , pulled in hip swallow tail . What you have is an extremely fast small wave board .

Violet Marble and Black Resin Tint on the bottom of this Fuzz Nutz.

 Fuzz Nutz doesn't mid a bit of juice !Quad goodness at Burgerworld in Mentawais .

Little Bank Vaults Barrel On The Fuzz Nutz

November 23, 2016

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New Hemp Colour

We just added a new colour to the Hemp range. 

Its Black , "very black" and its a composite Hemp / Lyocell material designed to look good add durability to the deck of your board and add an improved flex pattern for performance surfing.

This new hemp is the lightest material in the hemp range , therefore by adding it to the deck of your board in the USC range , the parabolic carbon rail compliments the "flex" and spring without dampening the drive and speed of the board, keeping it lovely for longer and that all important new board feeling .

The look is a very black opaque deck colour but once the board hits the water , the material looks amazing , the fibers come alive with a silver / platinum three dimensional effect highlighted once the deck is submerged in water . 

The added layer of organic hemp material does make your board marginally heavier about 200 grams including the extra resin used to laminate it but the benefits of the hemp are outstanding , by using less traditional cloth but still getting a durable strong deck and long lasting surfboard .

And your get a genuine eco friendly material that will make your board last longer and wear better in the long run , while keeping that new board feeling .

 So what is Lyocell / Tencel  ?

Its made from the natural cellulose found in wood pulp. The fiber is economical in its use of energy and natural resources, and is fully biodegradable. Tencel is made from cellulose in wood pulp, which is harvested from tree-farmed trees.

Looking for longer lasting surfboard then check out the full HEMP series here !

November 07, 2016

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Get Fuzzed

One seriously black on black Fuzz Nutz for Sunny Boy ...

USC Fuzz Nutz


Sunny lives in Taiwan and added the Fuzz Nutz to his Formula Energy quiver . 

Dimensions on the board are 6'0 by 19 7/8 by 2 1/2 , @ 32.72 litres. Black Deck ..

The Fuzz Nutz really suits beach breaks and waves where you want the surfboard to maintain speed over flatter sections.

You can really see the exaggerated hip on the this black on black planshape . The hip breaks the parallel outline and allows the board to pivot or turn ... And maintain speed and drive through the arc of your turns .

Its a fun , fast small wave board with hidden volume , you should ride as a quad fin , but will work on really small days as a twin as well .

Sunny post surf stoked , somewhere near home .. Follow him on Instagram  he needs a few more followers . He only has close to million !


October 07, 2016

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Out Of This World

Out of this world , USC Alien for Shaun who ordered a replacement for a Formula Energy surfboard that was over five years old !

Five years is long time , and the new updated Alien has a been tweaked and some design changes to improve the overall performance of the ultimate high performance fish .

USC Alien Formula Energy Surfboard

Here is a brief explanation on the improvements

Improved Alien Breakdown .

  • Improved Flat Fish Rocker
  • Single To Double Concave bottom
  • Flatter deck line with even foam distribution foil.
  • Slighter wider tail pod.
  • Symmetrical Swallow Tail 
  • Way more accurately made surfboard .

This Alien is 5'10 by 19 3/4 by 2 9/16  , 29.86 litres plain white deck !

Green Flow Resin Tint

Custom USC Blend bound for Southern Australian Waters ! Tasmania got some cold water , lots of wildlife in and out of the ocean , and plenty of uncrowded surf for the true die-hard crew . 

From pumping beach-breaks to groomed point breaks , the Blend model covers a varying range of conditions . Great addition to the quiver , one of the favorites for sure !

This surfboard is 5'10 by 19 1/4 by 2 7/16 , 29 litres .

Artwork is GREEN FLOW RESIN TINT ,light green , dark green and a tad of fluorescent green .


Don't forget our FREE FREIGHT OFFER is still running , Custom Surfboards from $695 delivered for free !

New BV2 Model Is Out

Introducing the all the new BV2 model !

Designed for the surfer who wants to add a step down to the quiver .

This model just sit under a High Performance board like the SAVAGE in the range

Its for surf conditions whereby your high performance board just is not going to cut it but you don't want to ride a fish .

The BV2  is quite deceiving as it hides a wider outline , the extra foam adds stability as you transition from rail to rail and hold with the the round tail, for a smooth type of surfing .

Then combined with the rocker instant planing speed and flow through your turns . 

Bigger guys love this model ,it paddles well , with extra foam in all the right areas and without sacrificing any performance aspects. 

Free Shipping

FREE FREIGHT OFFER in Australia on all surfboard purchases in the DCD and the patented USC Range.

Purchase a new surfboard from the online store or order a custom ( about 4 weeks to make ) and pay no freight !

Thats free delivery on the Carbon range of surfboards !

Just order online using the shopping cart and choose the free freight option in the freight option and boom !

Got any questions about your next custom then give us a call on 0418 798 209 to talk surfboards and fine tune your next board !


Happy Days

Rob's loving his  USC Little Thing custom with Cosmic Cosmic  art on the deck . It s a 5'8 by 20 by 2 1/2 ....

Check the Little Thing out here ! A small wave fun machine !

Slick Convert

Check out this sexy and slick small wave speed machine surfboard the USC Convert  .

This Hybrid performance fish based of some old school principles is a custom

5'8 by 20 1/8 by 2 5/8 ( 32.50 litres ) .

Designed for small beach breaks and those day when conditions are marginal and you are  looking for any speed you can muster the  flattish rocker , plenty of foam disguised into this plan-shape, which  will help you get through those dead sections with speed to burn .

The double flyers squash tail is quiet deceiving as it actually hides a wider tail pod that allows for stability which is important as this model with its  single into double concave bottom goes really fast . Really Fast !

With the added foam under the back foot  the flyers give the board a quick release break point giving your turns that extra pop . It kind of feels like its glued to your back foot when you push and jam this board and  lay it on rail through your turns . 

This model has been extremely popular therefore we offer it in the USC technology with the carbon rails or in the Premium Range from $695 , which is your standard PU foam with a central wooden stringer . All technologies are laminated in polyester resin , because they go the best , feel the best and last longer from our factory !


The DCD Range has had a price reduction !
 We can now offer the DCD range from $795 , that's $100 off the original price,
for a
  • Custom made
  • Stringer-less surfboard 
  • Infused dual carbon deck ( high quality multi directional carbon) 
  • Custom made and of course proudly made in Australia.
We do everything in house, in other words we don't out-source any part of the surfboard manufacturing process .
This enables are quality control to be impeccable. Every surfboard that goes out is quality controlled to the highest standards possible . 
Producing a surfboard that not only performs  but lasts way longer than our competitors and looks good for the long run !
Formula Energy Surfboards the art of of perfection through evolution to produce performance, unrivaled  
Look good , feel unreal and go Sic ! Check out the range here