Crazy Convert

This little blade is going to leave its mark with its fluorescent racing stripes colour combination .

The Convert model surfboard kind of battles with the super popular Blend model but with its wider tail pod, semi fuller rail volume, and overall litres, it can be ridden  a lot shorter . Its super fast and stable and offers a lot of drive out of turns but has a unique release with the double flyers squash tail set up .

 It's  now available in the Premium Range as well as its original design the patented carbon rail techonolgy USC Range. You now have the option of of the stringer-less carbon rail or the more traditional with central wooden stringer . 

More information about the this small wave foam block of fun click here !

Easter Sale



Everyone loves a bargain and now is the time to grab a Formula Energy Surfboard for massively reduced price ! 

All stock surfboards have had price reductions , jump over to the online store to check the prices out ..

For example the Nemo below has had a minor showroom knock and subsequently a very small dent in the deck , its been reduced $300 to $695 from $995 !

Or this Alien in stock , first in best dressed ( $200 off ) ...

Need more information on the surfboards please don't hesitate to contact us by phone or email .

The Showroom is closed over the Easter Break , but back open Tuesday the 7th of April .



A USC Nemo  bound for Rising Sun Surf Shop in Kanagawa ,Oiso ,Japan .
This custom surfboard is for Mr.Hayashi one of Rising Sun customers .
The dimensions are 5'10 by 19 7/8 by 2 3/8 .
Litres : 28.82
The Japanese surf season kicks in very soon and the Japanese are fanatical about having good equipment !
Delicious food, super polite people, a strong and unique culture, ultra comfortable wetsuits and good cars are what Japan are famous for ... and yes sometimes really good surf !

Premium Alien

Like the USC Alien however not into hemp decks or black rails ,colour /artwork on surfboards .

Just like your plain white boards and perhaps looking for a more price friendly version? 

Now the Alien is available in two different construction technologies .

Pictured here, your hemp deck , black rails , stringerless blank with carbon rails ....

Below, check out the refined and much improved Premium Alien , better price point but all the good performance characteristics of the original USC Alien model.

Construction is a central wooden stringer Premium Range with high quality PU blank . All the speed and flow of a high performance modern day fish surfboard . 

The Alien , the must have addition to the quiver ! 

Why Carbon

Why Parabolic Carbon Rails over central wooden stringer ? 

Moments like these the technology really comes into its own . The flex ,the drive and speed generated is unique and superior .

Delivering you to sections quicker allowing you to turn tighter with no lag and an instantaneous reaction and an overall better feeling of connection to your surfboard . Its called the 

USC Technology click here for more information . 

Photo by Ryan Robson Images

Very Black

Very Black bottom on a USC Nemo 

With FCS Fusion fin system , tri -quad option . 

Golden Convert



Check out this Custom made Golden Surfboard .

In the flesh this board looks amazing ,its a

USC Convert model , unfortunately the images on the screen , don't do it justice but I think you can get the idea.

If you scroll down to the close up shot below you can see the gold flake. An amazing collaboration by the team to produce this surfboard. 



Looks good , feels good , gonna go good !

Here is a little close up of the bottom ..

Most Fun You Can Have

The USC Nemo Model is made to have the most fun you can have in the sun !

Custom with Green Black Inverted Flower Of Life ..

This one is  5'7 by 19 1/2 by 2 5/16

27.60 litres.

With its wider nose and  flatter rocker  entry into a single to double concave bottom, it glides over fat sections with plenty of speed to burn. But still having the characteristics of a performance based surfboard with its tighter tail pod.

No nursing your turns with this puppy !

Christmas Is Coming

This year has absolutely flown past , we are only now two months away till Christmas. 

With Summer surf in mind , Matt ordered this DCD Demon 5'6 model with Trippy flower of life print. High volume super short fun board for the small waves.

To guarantee pre-Christmas delivery on your new board we recommend you place your order asap. To ensure you get that new sled in time !

Contact us for more information .

Carbon Creation

USC Alien 6'4 by 19 1/4 by 2 5/8 , 

32.65 litres .

Nick's new go to step up board with black Flower Of Life deck art .